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    The Santa Cause organization is a not for profit business started by Billy, Paula, and William Smith, Macy Brown and Bill Murray. We had the opportunity to help a family at the Christmas of 2013, I believe we were touched even more deeply than the person we helped. Through the extent of our facebook connections, the Altamaha Lodge, special thanks to Kayne Gaiten family and local friends we were able to give a family a Christmas to remember. All within 24 hours!

    We decided afterwards that if we could help one family in 24 hours, just imagine what we could do if we gave it a full year of effort. Hence we began the Santa Cause Organization. Now this just doesn’t run with just us, we have managed to pull allot of good hearts from all over the SouthEast. (I say southeast for now but our long term goal is national and more). We ┬ácall them our Santa’s Helpers and Santa couldn’t ask for better.

    • James Waters – Jacksonville Fla
    • Steve Knieriem – Tampa Fla
    • Joe Hamilton – Adel ga
    • Steven Ledbetter – North Atlanta Ga

    If you would like to become one of Santa’s helpers, shoot us an email and find out what it takes. You may just make a kids Christmas!

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